Carnivore Crisps Snacks Review | Only 2 Ingredients?

Carnivore Crisps Review

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One thing people miss on a low-carb and especially a Carnivore Diet… is that crunch. The texture is mentally essential for people, and not having that is hard for some people. Especially in the early transition phase. 

Another thing people on the Carnivore Diet struggle with is the lack of ready-made and convenient snacks. There aren’t many options out there, and many of those options aren’t 100% Carnivore. For example, shop-bought Jerky can have a lot of spices and sugar. 

Carnivore Crisps is the answer to both those problems and more!

(I want to disclose that Carnivore Crisps sent me a box of all their flavors to test out, but I think you will find it has not made my opinion of them overly biased.)

What is Carnivore Crisps?

Carnivore Crisps are a snack company making dehydrated meat cuts into delicious crunchy crisps. 

What products do they sell?

They sell a range of meaty crisps made from cuts of high-quality Beef, Chicken, Elk, Lamb, and Pork…and even dog treats!

Two ingredients only! 

The great thing about Carnivore Crisps is that all their products are made from 2 ingredients only… Meat and Salt. 

There are no spices, herbs, or sweeteners. They rely on using high-quality, tasty meat and Redmond Real Salt, which is probably the best salt you can buy, in my opinion. 

And while we are on the topic of salt, Redmond Real Salt hooks up our readers with a 15% discount when you use this link or use “Wild” at checkout.

Before Carnivore Crisps, it was hard to get high-quality and convenient snacks that were 100% Carnivore. I mean, you could take the time and dehydrate your meat or hang your own Jerky, but it is time-consuming.

Hopefully, Carnivore Crisps will do well, inspiring other businesses to get into the Carnivore snack game. I’ve tried to come up with a list of the best carnivore snacks, so check out this article:

High-quality ingredients

The snack industry uses cheap processed “food” like flour and sugar to produce highly addictive snacks with high-profit margins.

Even the Ketogenic Diet market is flooded with less-than-desirable snack products, which I wouldn’t classify as Keto appropriate. The marketing is out of control!

What the mainstream snack market does, is the polar opposite of what Carnivore Crips are doing. 

Carnivore crisps use only the highest quality meat and salt to produce tasty snacks. 

They only use grass-fed and pasture-raised meat. So, you are getting a snack full of flavor and packed with nutrients. 

Using only grass-fed and pasture-raised meat is essential, in my opinion. I believe the Carnivore Diet works for humans because it is a diet we have eaten for a very long time, and our digestive system is suited to it.

Therefore, I also think we should eat meat from animals that have only eaten food they are meant to eat and have evolved on. 

Why Redmond Real salt

There is no point in using the best quality meat and then using common table salt, which some brands produce in a chemical plant. So, Carnivore Crisps also use high-quality salt packed with minerals. 

Not only does Redmond Real Salt taste great, but it also has one of the best mineral profiles on the market. This is because it is an unrefined rock salt, which has not been exposed to the modern-day issues of pollution like sea salt can be.

Another concern for salt from the ocean is that it can potentially contain microplastics that may harm the human body. Just google it to see what I’m talking about.

I want to mention that Redmond also makes a great “Raw” electrolyte mix. Check that out if you need more electrolytes in your life.


You see the term “sustainable” thrown around a lot nowadays. It is the new “heart-healthy,” and just like that term, sustainable is nothing but a marketing term in the food industry and should generally be ignored. 

Do you know what actually is sustainable? Regenerative Agriculture. 

Allowing ruminant animals to roam, eat, wee, and poop on land is actually what sustainable really means.

Regenerative farming builds topsoil, which traps Carbon Dioxide and Methane, rather than conventional Big Agriculture farming, which strips topsoil and takes a lot from the land but doesn’t give back.

Hence why more and more chemical fertilizers are now needed. 

Suppose you want more info on regenerative agriculture and its importance to the planet. In that case, you must get the fantastic book Diana Rodgers called Sacred Cow or watch the documentary.

Carnivore Crisps Chicken Skin

Why dehydrate food

Carnivore Crips use thinly sliced meat and a dehydration process to get that crunchy, crispy texture. 

The best thing about dehydrating food is that it only removes the water content when done correctly.

Dehydrating leaves all the protein, vitamins, and minerals in the meat. So, you are getting a highly nutritious snack. 

Dehydrating food has been a traditional method of storing food for a very long time, meaning Carnivore Crisps have a great shelf life. So you can stock up and use it when needed. 

I’ve recently used them as my go-to snack when traveling. If you are a carnivore and travel a lot, you will want to check out this article, “How to Travel on the Carnivore Diet.”

Easy to eat

Carnivore Crisps bring convenience to the Carnivore Diet. It means you can have a tasty snack with you on a hike or take them to work or the cinema. 

They are delicious by themselves, but you can pretty much do anything with them that you could do with a standard packet of crisps.

For example, you could eat them with homemade dips or add some raw cheese with meat, and you now have some tacos.

Also, do not think Carnivore Crisps is just another version of Jerky or Biltong. I find Jerky and Biltong a bit tough and hard to eat, but Carnivore Crips are super easy to eat. 

Check out my YouTube review, and you will see what I’m talking about.

I do a lot of hiking and camping, and Carnivore Crisps have taken a lot of the stress away from thinking about what I can take with me on a wild adventure. 

Mark Bell Box

If you are on a Carnivore Diet or even a reasonably strict Keto Diet, then trying Carnivore Crisps is a no-brainer. 

I would recommend you try the Mark Bell Box, which is a bundle of 6 crisp flavors. You get a range of flavors to test out, and if you like them, you can try the others. It is a good starter pack for people new to Carnivore Crisps. 

What about a discount for our readers? For a limited time, Carnivore Crisps is offering 10% off when you use this link. Or type in Wild at checkout!

Final thoughts

You might think Carnivore Crisps are expensive for a snack, and they are when compared to everyday crisp snacks.

However, it is time to reevaluate what a snack means. Carnivore Snacks are expensive, but they use high-quality ingredients that may help you become healthier. In contrast, everyday mainstream snacks are often the problem holding your health back. 

If you need a healthy 100% Carnivore Snack in your life, then you will have to be prepared to pay for it. In my opinion, the best investment in life is yourself.

Also, if you are new to the carnivore diet, I highly recommend this book by Dr. Shawn Baker, “The Carnivore Diet.” It’s a great read and easy to digest…no pun intended.

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