Can You Have Apple Cider Vinegar on a Carnivore Diet?

Apple Cider Vinegar

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While all people have the same digestive system, which would suggest it favors some foods over others, and most people would likely benefit from the same style of meat-heavy diet, there are enough health discrepancies to suggest some people need to find their own path. 

The Carnivore Diet is perhaps the most straightforward diet globally, but maybe it is too simple for some. Technically speaking, Apple Cider Vinegar is derived from plants, so it’s not permitted if you are trying to achieve the cleanest of Carnivore Diet styles.

What is the carnivore diet?

You eat animal products, and you avoid plant foods.

However, there are subgroups in the carnivore diet arena. Some people only eat ribeye steaks, some eat high fat, some eat lean meats, some have dairy, some don’t, and some even add spices and sauces that are often derived from plants.

Still, they are justified because it works out as a minimal amount of their daily diet, and they say it can help with adherence. 

If you need a best-selling book about the Carnivore Diet, then check out “The Carnivore Diet” by Dr. Shawn Baker.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar is made from fermenting apple juice. The first fermenting stage involves turning the sugar from the apple juice into alcohol. Then the second fermentation stage consists in turning the alcohol into vinegar. 

What are the potential health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, but the clinical studies do not really back up the hype.

That does not mean they should be discounted. I often prefer more holistic and historical treatment methods than going down the modern medical route, where you are either given a drug or offered surgery. 

Apple Cider Vinegar has been reported to help with many ailments. A lot of the potential benefits are explained in these articles:

For example, here are a few potential benefits according to the previous/linked articles:

  • Better blood sugar levels
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Help with acid reflux
  • Boosts good gut bacteria
  • Antimicrobial
  • Improves skin health

Mark Sisson explains on his blog “Mark’s Daily Apple” some of the above-mentioned benefits in more detail here.

Also, Cleavland Clinic explains in their article, “The evidence so far says apple cider vinegar is safe for most people in small amounts. But Czerwony (researcher) says to keep in mind that it hasn’t been approved to treat any health conditions.”

apple cider

Is all Apple Cider Vinegar the same?

As with most of our food supply, there are considerable differences in quality. I would guess 99% of Apple Cider Vinegar in the supermarket is pure trash as they will probably not be made with the traditional fermentation processes. 

Below I will discuss if there is a place for Apple Cider Vinegar in the carnivore diet; I will say it now, in my book, there is no place for supermarket-style Apple Cider Vinegar. There is only one possible argument for properly made Apple Cider Vinegar in the carnivore diet.

I do want to mention upfront that the hardcore carnivore dieters will not condone Apple Cider Vinegar in their diets.

If you are thinking about consuming apple cider vinegar, then you should look for apple cider vinegar with “Mother.”

When apple cider vinegar contains “Mother,” this means it still has bacteria, yeast, and protein while also being unfiltered and unrefined.

The bottle will say that the vinegar contains the “Mother,” and you will be able to tell because the sediment will be settled at the bottom of the bottle. If you shake the bottle, the vinegar will be cloudy. 

One of the most trusted organic brands is Braggs. Check out this link to see what I’m talking about.

Is there a place for Apple Cider Vinegar on a Carnivore Diet?

There is nothing to convince me that for most people on the carnivore diet long-term, they would need to add in Apple Cider Vinegar to maintain a high level of health. 

Personally, I believe a healthy diet from real food should be all you need for good health (solely my opinion, and I am not a doctor or nutritionist).

Therefore, I can never believe someone who says the vegan diet is healthy because you MUST supplement on a vegan diet to avoid serious ill-health. Therefore, how can it be healthy?

I would apply the same logic to the Carnivore Diet. If you have to take supplements or try to find tricks and hacks to make it work, then by default, the Carnivore Diet cannot be healthy. 

The one thing you do need to add to a carnivore diet is salt, and my go-to salt is Redmond Real Salt. It’s derived from an ancient sea bed in Utah and is packed with minerals. Plus, they give Wild Lumens readers 15% off their first purchase with this link, or use WILD at check out!

So, in my opinion, you do not NEED to take Apple Cider Vinegar on the Carnivore Diet for long-term success. 

However, I believe some foods are more harmful than others, and a little common sense should be applied.

I believe that fermented foods are probably one of the least harmful plant-based foods you could have. So, if you can handle Apple Cider Vinegar, then perhaps you could have it now and again. For example, as a base for a sauce or to give a bit of pizzazz to a piece of white fish.

I see no issue with that for most people, but you do not need to take a shot of it every morning to provide something essential to the human body that you cannot get from animal products. 

Transition period

Switching from a standard diet to a carnivore diet can be rough for some people, as it is a massive change for the body to take on board.

If you believe the purported health benefits, then some people might think that Apple Cider Vinegar could help them through the transition period…then go for it. 

Especially if you have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar for years and have seen positive results with it, then I wouldn’t have issues with you continuing to take it for a limited amount of time as you get used to carnivore.

Apple Cider Vinegar is potentially a lot less harmful than other things in a standard western diet that you should definitely stop eating and drinking ASAP. Like these drinks:

Take Aways

Apple Cider Vinegar is not part of a strict Carnivore DIet protocol. Yet, there may be some benefits to using it, but the science is a little shaky.

If you do mess with Apple Cider vinegar, be sure it has “Mother” and is from a reputable brand like Braggs.

And speaking of drinks on the carnivore diet, another question is raised frequently, “can you drink Kambucha?” Well, we go deep on that topic as well in this link.

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Make the Carnivore Diet interesting with an easy-to-use Cookbook. Check out “The Carnivore Cookbook” by Jessica Haggard.

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