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Welcome to the recommended product and gear page. We at Wild Lumens have used, tested and abused these products and have only included them as a resource to help you save time and potentially money.

We won’t recommend useless, low-quality items that waste your money. These products are our go-to items that are useful and help improve our lifestyle.

Disclaimer: We do make a small commission on sales that you purchase with the provided links and are grateful if you do use them as it helps keep our little movement moving forward. We won’t compromise our integrity by recommending products that don’t meet our standards of quality.

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    8 Fastpacking Camping Tips

    Fastpacking is terrific fun and lets you explore much greater distances than you would from traditional backpacking. One of the hardest things to get right when backpacking is the camping aspect, which is ten times harder when fastpacking.  This is because you have to go as ultralight as possible, and you may be in more […]

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  • The 9 Rules of Fastpacking

    The 9 Rules of Fastpacking

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  • How Much Does Fastpacking Cost? Gear Breakdown & List

    How Much Does Fastpacking Cost? Gear Breakdown & List

    Costs might add up during a fastpacking trip. Camping gear, including sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents, are essential for a safe and enjoyable fastpacking adventure. Equipment for fastpacking is similar to that for traditional backpacking, with the caveat that it must be as lightweight as possible. As one might guess, this means costlier gear. Below […]

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