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Latest Posts

  • Can You Use Uber In Bogota?

    Can You Use Uber In Bogota?

    If you’ve ever traveled overseas, knowing how you’ll get around the country can be challenging. It’s foreign; maybe you don’t speak the language and don’t want to get lost on your travels. Of course, most Americans are used to calling an Uber, but can you use Uber in Bogota, Colombia?  I recently found that Uber…

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  • Can You Drink Tap Water In Bogota?

    Can You Drink Tap Water In Bogota?

    Bogota is Colombia’s capital and one of the most developed cities in South America. Next to La Paz, Lima, and Quito in neighboring nations, Bogota scores pretty high as an industrialized Latin American city. However, many are unsure whether Colombia has the same water maintenance and purification safety standards. These fears are further solidified by…

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  • Cancun vs. Cartagena: Which Caribbean Spot Is Better?

    Cancun vs. Cartagena: Which Caribbean Spot Is Better?

    Cartagena, Colombia, and Cancun, Mexico, are popular destinations in Latin America for travelers seeking warm Caribbean weather and beautiful beaches.  While both cities offer many attractions, they have distinct differences in history, culture, and atmosphere. As an expat of Cartagena and a tourist of Cancun, I share my insights. Location & City Overview Cartagena is…

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