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Books are a major investment in your health, wealth, and spiritual progress. Every book on this list has been read by and endorsed by someone on the Wild Lumens Team.

If it wasn’t for these authors chances are that this website wouldn’t even exist. We use the following books as resources for information, scientific study reference, recipes, and inspiration. If you can we would highly suggest purchasing the following books and add them to your bookshelf.

Not only are you helping yourself by increasing your knowledge but you are also helping us and the authors. It’s a win win.

Side note: If possible try to use the bookshop.org links to purchase the books as they are a smaller book seller that helps local bookstores.

The Carnivore Code

The Carnivore Cookbook” by Jessica Haggard

You need to increase your meat cooking knowledge beyond burgers and steaks. This book shows you how to make the carnivore diet fun and palatable. My biggest mistake was not getting this book when I started. Personally, the first few months on a carnivore diet were boring and uninspiring. With this book you learn everything from organ meats, rendering tallow, creamy sauces, and even dessert! (For a limited time use ANDY5 at checkout for $5.00 off)

The Carivore Diet by Dr. Shawn Baker

“The Carnivore Diet” by Dr. Shawn Baker

If it wasn’t for Dr. Shawn Baker appearing on the Joe Rogan Podcast we might not be where we are today. This book is a go-to for all things carnivore. It’s a beautiful book with tons of Dr. Baker’s knowledge and witty narration. He completely destroys the vegan propaganda. Also the anecdotes from other carnivore dieters are amazing. It’s a must have for all carnivores. Get it here at the Bookshop.org link (preferred vendor) or use this Amazon link.

The Carnivore Code

“The Carnivore Code” by Dr. Paul Saladino

This book goes next level with the research on the carnivore diet. Dr. Saladino takes us on a journey through things like why plant foods are potentially harmful, to problems with research and studies against meat eating, and the history of humans and how we evolved to the superior species partially or solely due to meat! This books says a lot but has all the research to back it up! It’s carnivore diet persuasion and data on steroids. Buy it here using the Bookshop.org link (preferred vendor) or the Amazon link.

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