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Generally speaking, a carnivore or ancestral diet is all you need to obtain amazing health, yet there are times when supplements can take you to the next level. The following recommended supplements have been used as a complement to a carnivore diet.

  • biOptimizer MassZymes

    biOptimizer MassZymes

    I’m sure you know enzymes play a big role in digestion. I’m also sure you know that people have serious digestion issues. That’s where Masszymes come into play. This blend of enzymes is perhaps the health and wellness industry’s gold standard. They dropped so much info and knowledge on their page that I can’t even…

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  • biOptimizer Magnesium Stack Breakthough

    biOptimizer Magnesium Stack Breakthough

    Why would I recommend two different brands of Magnesium? Well, the other brand Natural Calm is only comprised of Magnesium Carbonate. These biOptimizer magnesium breakthrough capsules take magnesium nutrition to the next level! Magnesium breakthrough comes packed with the following different types of magnesium: Magnesium Chelate Magnesium Citrate Magnesium Bisglycinate Malate L-Threonate Magnesium Taurate Magnesium…

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  • biOptimizer HCL Breakthrough

    biOptimizer HCL Breakthrough

    Have you started a high-fat, low-carb, or no-carb diet but have trouble with digestion? Some people have issues with digesting fat. What can help? Possibly, Hydrochloric Acid Supplements. In the book “The Carnivore Diet,” Dr. Shawn Baker mentions that people with digestion issues have used HCL to help. He says, “strategies to deal with this…

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  • Re-Lyte Electrolyte Flavored Mix

    Re-Lyte Electrolyte Flavored Mix

    Looking for a tasty electrolyte mix that is affordable? Redmond Real Salt has you covered with its flavored blends of electrolytes. Now, if you are a strict carnivore or trying to complete a fast, these flavored versions won’t work. However, if your body permits, then I suggest trying these. Re-Lyte comes in 6 flavors: Mango…

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  • RE-Lyte Electrolyte Powder Carnivore Mix

    RE-Lyte Electrolyte Powder Carnivore Mix

    Need to add a high-quality electrolyte powder to your supplementation routine? Redmond Real Salt has you covered with their Electrolyte Mix. All of their electrolyte mixes are sugar-free, but if you practice a strict carnivore diet or are fasting, you will want to get the “unflavored” version. Many people have reported that this product helps…

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  • Magnesium Carbonate Powder

    Magnesium Carbonate Powder

    In 2015 when my body was unhealthy and sub-par, my functional medicine doctor recommended I start taking Magnesium. He told me to get Natural Vitality Calm and take it every day. Well, I got it; since then, I’ve been a huge fan. The idea is that it helps reduce stress and replenish the missing Magnesium…

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  • Redmond Real Salt

    Redmond Real Salt

    Hands down, the most recommended salt in the health and wellness community is Redmond Real Salt. This salt is pure without anything added or taken out. It’s the definition of unrefined. Personally, I like the salt because it comes from an ancient sea bed in Utah and isn’t going to have as many pollutants or…

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