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  • Tandem Bike Touring Explained

    Tandem Bike Touring Explained

    Throughout the years, many have come to know and love biking as an excellent way to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, exercise, and spend quality time with friends. If you resonate with that last part and love to hit the bike trail with friends as I do as a shared hobby, then this article…

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  • Complete Bike Touring Cooking Guide

    Complete Bike Touring Cooking Guide

    My uncle used to love cooking over the campfire. He was skilled at it and could make us all kinds of steak, baked apples, and other goodies. But what are the best foods to bring on a long bike tour?  The food you bring on your bike tour should be rich in nutrients and calorically…

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  • What To Look For In A Touring Bike?

    What To Look For In A Touring Bike?

    I currently live in South America, where there’s a beautiful blend of nature and city life. While bikepacking is more my speed, touring is an excellent way to see the different cultures! But what should you look for in your next touring bike?  Touring bikes should be sturdy, with a steel frame and thick tires.…

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  • Bikepacking Weight Distribution Guide

    Bikepacking Weight Distribution Guide

    My mountain bike has been through a lot! From mountains in West Virginia to roughly paved roads in Colombia, it’s endured a lot of wear and tear. But keeping the weight down allows my bike to be flexible and resist breaking when I take it off-roading!  Where you put luggage and weight is almost as…

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  • Bikepacking Hammock Setup Guide

    Bikepacking Hammock Setup Guide

    Bikepacking is a minimilists sport. It requires you to make the most of every inch on your bike and avoid any unnecessary weight. Using a hammock sounds like a great idea, but what kind is best, and how should you set it up?  You should use tarps along the bottom of the sleeping area. This…

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  • How To Use Voile Straps for Bikepacking

    How To Use Voile Straps for Bikepacking

    Have you ever gone camping and had difficulty squeezing your sleeping bag and tent back into your bags? That always frustrated me so much. Luckily, you can use straps and help hold them secure and squeeze inside smaller spaces!  Viole straps can be used in bikepacking for securing bags, bottles, and packages. They’re versatile, strong,…

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  • Bikepacking Water Storage Guide

    Bikepacking Water Storage Guide

    You’re planning your bikepacking excursion and trying to think of the best ways to pack supplies. Then you remember you still have to carry several liters of water with you! How do you do it on such a thin object as a bike?  There are, thankfully, several new engineering feats that help make carrying water…

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  • Guide to Bike Tours for Seniors (How to find)

    Guide to Bike Tours for Seniors (How to find)

    My great-aunt grew up farming in the 1930s, so she’s always been accustomed to working in the sun. Although, what amazes me the most is her ability to ride a horse even though she’s over eighty years old! I’m confident she could ride a bike across the country! There are several scenic and moderately intense…

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  • Bike Touring Packing List (Printable PDF)

    Bike Touring Packing List (Printable PDF)

    One of the most annoying parts of leaving for vacation is arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot something! But when I started planning my bike day trips, I realized just how much more serious it would be to forget something important. And it’s even more serious for multi-day adventures.  Bike touring can be…

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  • Can You Use A Folding Bike For Touring?

    Can You Use A Folding Bike For Touring?

    I purchased my first mountain bike when I turned twenty. I wanted to stop driving my car to work, and this sturdy, built-for-speed bike was perfect! Although I love this bike, I sometimes wonder if a smaller bike would be better for commuting.  Folding bikes are not intended for touring; they can break if used…

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