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Hands down we believe supplements to be nothing but expensive urine. Sorry to be so blunt but supplements seem to rarely achieve the desired effects.

I mean do you really need a multi-vitamin when you are on a keto-carnivore or straight-up carnivore diet? These diets are loaded with meat and meat products which means you should be absorbing massive amounts of nutrients.

That being said why would we have a supplement recommendation page? The truth is that the following recommended supplements actually do something for us and have been used within the ketogenic diet and carnivore diet community.

We are recommending the best salt to the most effective digestion aids.


Let’s start off with salt. Is it a supplement? Not really but it is in my opinion. Carnivore diet doctors and advocates share the opinion that it is under-consumed. In fact in the book, “The Carnivore Code” by Dr. Paul Saladino he recommends 6-10 grams per day.

But not the nasty chemically produced kind like table salt. We are talking about the ancient sea salt kind.

Both Dr. Saladino and myself recommend Redmond Sea Salt. This salt comes from an ancient sea bed in Utah that is free of microplastics and oceanic toxins from industrialized nations.

This salt is loaded with sodium and other nutrients. I use so much of it that I buy it by the gallon. That’s right I save money by buying the 10-pound bucket.

Do yourself a favor and stock up on it now. These links will take you to Redmond Real Salt. The link may give you a 15% discount if not just type in WILD at checkout.

Salt Pics
Here is our 10 pound bucket of Redmond Sea Salt.


After I hit a health rock bottom and started working with a functional medicine doctor one of the first things he got me started on was a Magnesium powder supplement.

This stuff is powerful. It’s an essential electrolyte that may help with protein synthesis and mood balance. I should also note it acts like a laxative in that if you take too much you will get disaster pants.

I also like this as a pre or post-workout supplement. It’s great because I sweat a lot and when I take extra magnesium I know I’m able to replenish my stores.

The magnesium I have been using since 2015 is by a company called Natural Calm. I usually buy from Amazon unless the local health food store has it on sale.

One other thing I should mention is that because magnesium acts like a laxative I will use it if I feel like my digestion has slowed down. For some reason, if I eat too much dairy like cheese my bowels get a little sluggish. So, if you want to speed things up maybe some Natural Calm will do the trick.

Here is the quick Amazon link:

Magnesium Natural Calm
I use unflavored as it doesn’t contain a sweetener or extra carbs. It tastes a little funky but you get used to it. If you prefer something with taste order the flavored version.

Pre-Made Electrolyte Packs & Powders

Since we are on the subject of magnesium and I figure this is a perfect time to talk about electrolyte mixes. I have a constant reserve of pre-mixed electrolytes that I use when I need them.

These are awesome for pre-workout boost or if you have been busy and seating all day. They are quick and convenient and all you need to do is add them to water.

I should mention that they can be added to adult beverages like vodka and tequila but chances are that if you are here you are limiting your partying!

Electrolyte Packets

The first pre-mixed electrolytes that I tried were from Elemental Labs. Robb Wolf and Ketogains created this concoction and I am glad they did. These save me time and add a nice healthy taste to my water.

Each packet contains the following:

  • 1000mg Sodium
  • 200mg Potassium
  • 60mg Magnesium

The Elemental Labs packets come in four different flavors:

My quick little YouTube review of Elemental Labs Electrolyte Mix!

I can’t go without mentioning my other go-to pre-mixed electrolyte powder which is now made by my favorite salt maker Redmond Real Salt. Yep, these guys have a ton of healthy products now, (even toothpaste) and their electrolyte mix does not disappoint.

This powder is called Re-lyte and is packed with electrolytes and minerals. Each serving has:

  • Sodium: 1000mg
  • Potassium: 500 mg
  • Coconut Water Powder: 100 mg
  • Chloride: 1585mg
  • Calcium: 75mg
  • Magnesium: 60mg
  • +60 trace minerals

They give you three flavors to choose from. These links will take you to Redmond’s website which should give you a 15% discount but if not just type in WILD at checkout and that should do the trick

If I had to pick between the Elemental Labs and Redmond Re-lyte I’d have to say it’s a tie. So try them both and see which is better for you. Also if you want to learn more about electrolytes and how they apply to a carnivore diet then check out this article:


It seems that not everyone needs to supplement with potassium but I did add it to the list of supplements only because it seems that it’s beneficial for people that do a lot of fasting and for those of us that sweat a lot.

I obviously use it a bit as I work out a lot. When I was reading “The Carnivore Code” by Dr. Paul Saladino he does mention that people with kidney problems should use caution. In general, always consult with your doctor before experimenting with supplements.

This is the brand I use. It’s super affordable through Amazon. You can use quick Amazon link to see what I’m talking about:

Desiccated Organ Meat Supplements

If you don’t know organ meat like liver and heart are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Most carnivore diet advocates are pushing for a more nose-to-tail approach to eating. What that means is eating the whole animal including the organs.

Beef liver itself is a major super food and contains the following stats.

100 Grams of Beef Liver:

  • Vitamin A=26091 IU which is 522% of RDA
  • Vitamin B2=3.4 mg which is 201% of RDA
  • Vitamin B6=1 mg which is 51% of RDA
  • Vitamin B9=260 mcg which is 65% of RDA
  • Vitamin B12=83 mcg which is 1386% RDA
  • Choline=418 mg
  • Copper=14.6 mg which is 730% of RDA
  • Iron=6.2 mg which is 34% of RDA
  • Selenium=32.8 mcg which is 47% of RDA
  • Protein=27 grams

See what I mean? The crazy thing is that sometimes I forget to pick up liver or heart from our butcher so when that happens I just take Desiccated Beef Liver and Heart Supplements.

But I highly recommend you use this brand, Ancestral Supplements, as the animals are humanely raised and grass-fed.

My YouTube video review of Ancestral Supplements Beef Liver Capsules.

Once again going back to Dr. Paul Saladino. He says, “desiccated organs from high-quality grass-fed animals are a great option…the freeze-drying process is very gentle and involves low-temperature dehydration, it preserves the nutrients in organs very well.”

Here are the awesome offerings from Ancestral Supplements:

This organ supplement is wild too! It contains plenty of organs as well as testicle!

If you check out the Ancestral Supplements website, you can see they are holding down the grass-fed organ supplement market. We are talking all organs here.

Digestion Aids

Back to when I first started out on this eating healthy and taking care of myself phase I had digestion problems. One of which appeared to be low stomach acid. So, my functional medicine doctor had me get this supplement to help.

Hydrochloric Acid HCI or HCL

I would take 1 of these pills right before each meal, (but never on an empty stomach). I’m told this helps increase stomach acid so you are able to breakdown food easier.

Fast forward to reading Dr. Shawn Bakers’ book “The Carnivore Diet” and he mentions that some people may have problems with digesting fat.

He says, “strategies to deal with this problem include lowering the fat content a bit and temporarily adding digestive aids…hydrochloric acid supplements or a bile supplement can be effective.”

I’ve used these two brands for HCI/HCL:

Bile Supplements.

These are real helpers. In fact, my friend Jeff who has major gut problems like candida, E. Coli infection, and the poor ability to break down fat was also recently advised by his functional medicine doctor to take Ox Bile.

Ox Bile Supplement is a winner in my book and it’s also helped me out. The cool thing is that our favorite brand Ancestral Supplements makes a great grass-fed ox-bile. You can use this link for a quick purchase:

Digestion Enzymes

I’m told that Bioptimizers makes the best digestive enzyme support on the market.

When I began fixing my digestion in 2015 I had included enzymes as recommended by my functional medicine doctor. Enzyme supplements seem to be another way to get some help with breaking down all the protein you’ll be eating on a carnivore diet.

Both my older brother and I love this product. He uses almost every one of their products.

This is what Bioptimizer says about their enzyme product, “THE STRONGEST ENZYME FORMULA EVER: MassZymes is a full-spectrum enzyme formula with more protease than any other commercially available, with 5 different kinds of protease and 100,000 HUT’s per capsule; plus, it contains all the other key enzymes you need for optimal digestion.”

You can use this link to pick up a bottle.

Supplements Are Not Carnivore?

Supplements, in general, may or may not work for some people. They could be just really expensive pee if you know what I mean.

The ones mentioned on this page helped me out especially when I first started on my digestion fixing journey. I continue to keep the ones mentioned above in my rotation. Also, you will find they are generally accepted in the carnivore diet community and by some of the proponents.

However, most other vitamins and supplements on the market seem to be questionable.

Let’s take a look at what Dr. Paul Saladino says about supplements.

He says, “everyone comes from a unique position of nutritional adequacy/inadequacy when they begin a new dietary change. If we include a variety of organ meats, we can meet all our nutritional needs. This assumes adequate nutrient absorption and a reasonably healthy gut.”

He goes on, “there are conditions, such as celiac disease, small bowel overgrowth, and autoimmunity, that affect the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract which can result in malabsorption. If our bowel habits are normal, and we don’t have gastrointestinal symptoms, chances are we absorb the nutrients in our food just fine.”

“If we are not sure, a stool test that includes fecal fat and measures gastrointestinal inflammation can determine if malabsorption is a problem.”

Dr. Saladino finishes by saying, “In cases of pre-existing nutritional deficiency, some supplementation may be useful, but this must be determined with a or your physician on a case-by-case basis depending on detailed lab testing.”

I highly recommend his book, “The Carnivore Code.” He goes deep and backs up everything with studies. The research reference list is lengthy!


We are all different. Supplements may work for some people and not for others. Do your due diligence and learn what you can. I’ve been bamboozled out of money with stupid expensive supplements in the past so I’m always skeptical of claims.

For me, the carnivore diet, in general, has helped me out and the supplements in this post did as well. However, speak to your doctor about any medical and nutritional questions!


I’m not a doctor. Consult with and ask your doctor about any diet or medical-related questions. No information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition.

Legal Disclaimer

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Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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