Wild Lumens Recommended Coffee Brands

We totally get it. Coffee has so many pros and cons. Is it “ok” to drink it on a carnivore diet? What about a ketogenic diet? Is it healthy? Isn’t it addictive? We attempt to answer these questions and go deep in this article:

My opinion is that you will probably do just fine without it but for those of us who just love the taste and smell then these recommendations are for you.

Kion Coffee Bundle

If You are looking for some super clean, mycotoxin free, organic, high quality coffee then Kion Coffee is your brand. This coffee has been sourced and created by legendary Bio-hacker Ben Greenfield. This dude knows coffee and how to live an optimal life. His brand is far superior in my opinion to other organic and non-monocropped produced coffees out there. Pick up a few bags and let me know what you think! Buy directly from Kion here.