What Is World Carnivore Month?

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Every major cause around the world has it’s own day, week or month and the carnivore diet is no different.

Every January carnivore diet enthusiasts and practitioners celebrate this healthy way of eating and also help spread the word about the benefits of adding copious amounts of meat to your diet and removing foods that are detrimental to your health.

Not only is World Carnivore Diet Month intended to spread “carnivory” but also brings up the discussion around meat vs. plant-based diets and the environmental impacts of both.

It’s a great way to practice a discipline with thousands of other like-minded people and learn a few things along the way.

However, proceed at your own risk and talk to a doctor to go over any health issues or questions.


Every January for the entire month.


If you want to participate the rules are pretty simple. Adopt an all-meat diet for the entire month of January and eliminate any non-meat-based products.

Tomahawk Steak

What to eat?

Here are few carnivore diet staples:

  1. Beef
  2. Lamb
  3. Fish
  4. Chicken
  5. Duck
  6. Organ Meats
  7. Dairy
  8. Elk, Deer, Caribou, Moose
  9. Animal Based!!!

What about snacks? We got you covered with this article: “16 Perfect Snacks for People on a Carnivore Diet & Meat Lovers.”

What to drink?

  1. Water
  2. Water with a little salt
  3. Bone Broth

Check out our article: “Top 4 Drinks For The Carnivore Diet.”

What about Coffee, Tea and Alcohol?

Try to remove these from your diet and see if you gain any positive improvements in energy levels and general well being. World Carnivore Month is a way to see if you can commit to something different that may provide you a benefit.

Challenge yourself.

Alcohol is a major “no-no”, so definitely remove it. If you are super addicted to tea or coffee then so be it. I’ve written some crazy posts on adding/subtracting alcohol, tea, and coffee from the carnivore diet and you will see the advantages and disadvantages…I think you will be surprised.

Check these out.


Yes!!! Add salt to your food and make sure you are getting enough. I add a small portion to my water that I drink throughout the day and add heavier amounts to my meats when cooking.

Some carnivore diet advocates and doctors say 5-10 grams per day is a good amount to shoot for. If you have a work out routine and sweat a lot then you should try to make sure you have enough salt and electrolytes.

We wrote an article dedicated to electrolytes which should help show the importance of them, especially when on a carnivore diet.

Stock up on salt and buy in bulk. This is my favorite and what I do: Redmond Real Salt.

Or be less psycho and get a normal size.


Eventually, you will want to try to reduce the use of spices and seasonings but for now, if you are just starting out keep them in. Just make sure they do not have sugar in them!

Sugar is a major issue so be sure it’s completely removed from your diet.

If You Are New The First Few Weeks Suck!!!

If you have never tried an elimination diet or keto diet then you may find the first few weeks challenging as your body is adapting to higher fat, insulin adjustments, getting used to no carbs, and possibly eliminating toxins and oxalates.

What this means is you may feel drained, get headaches, experience bloating and experience some minor flu-like symptoms. Nothing is easy in this world but the benefits of going through this process are worth it in the long run.

This is where you can check out the good, the bad, and ugly of the carnivore diet as well as some of my crazy experiences.

Happy Kid Flexing

Some of The Benefits You May Experience

  1. Improved Digestion
  2. Increased Energy
  3. Decreased Inflammation
  4. Less gas, pooping and bloating
  5. Mental Clarity
  6. Weight Loss
  7. Less Toxicity from Plants and Their Pesticides

Those are just a few of the major benefits but there are more. Dr. Shawn Baker goes through them extensively in his book “The Carnivore Diet”. This book is highly recommended.

Also, another highly recommended carnivore book is Dr. Paul Saldino’s, “The Carnivore Code.” It goes deep into the world of carnivory and backs it up with a ton of research!

Money, Money, Money!!

Some people think finances are a good excuse to not participate but I beg to differ. I’ve figured out a way to hack the system and make a carnivore diet actually affordable. I share the details here

Check out: How to Save Money on the Carnivore Diet.

Need Motivation? Where to Sign Up?

Dr. Shawn Baker’s website has a sign up form to enter your age, where you live and what your gender is. By signing up you get access to his website which includes these awesome benefits for the whole month of January for FREE!

  1. Free Daily Video Chats
  2. Online Interactive Forum
  3. The Ability to Connect with Other People Going Through the Process

Sign up here! MEATRX

Get a coach!

You can book me as a personal carnivore diet coach or a number of other highly motivated helpers here!

Eat What Makes You Happy MEAT

Prepare For Success!

In order to be successful for the whole month, you will need to prepare. The good news is that this is super easy. Basically your food shopping is a breeze as you’re only buying meat and dairy.

We strongly suggest trying to source grass-fed meat and buying from sources that treat their animals humanely along with regenerative farming practices.

Check out this shopping list for a little help on what to get and add to help you save time and money:

Now the food prep is a process in and in itself and that’s why I’ve created this post to help. I’ve made it super time saving with things you would never have thought of.

Community and the Spread of Good Health

Your co-workers are going to think you are crazy when they see you packing in nothing but meat for breakfast, lunch or dinner but this is the perfect time to spread the idea of health. (Maybe you can convert a vegan back to good health.)

Also this is a perfect time to go out with friends and family for a healthy all you can eat experience at your local Brazilian BBQ restaurant or Steak House.

Online communities are awesome and there is one in particular that provides motivation, stories and a number of questions are answered. Check out the Facebook Group “World Carnivore Tribe”.

Good luck and have some fun with it. World Carnivore Month just may turn into Carnivore Year for you!

BTW: Start the year off with a good read:

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Consult with and ask your doctor about any diet or medical-related questions. No information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition.

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