Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated on the Carnivore Diet

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So you are ready to take the plunge and begin a lifestyle adventure based on the carnivore diet! That’s the good news.  

The bad news is that there are going to be plenty of hurdles along the way, like keto flu, adjusting to all meat, learning to cook meat, food prep, not being able to eat at your favorite restaurants, etc.  

Until you have reached full-on behavioral adaption, you will need some help to stay the course, and that’s why I have provided some of the motivating factors that I resorted to while I was in the first few weeks of the diet.  

#1 Joe Rogan Podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker

This is the podcast that pretty much got me to try the carnivore diet out. At the time, I thought the idea was ridiculous, but after watching the full episode, I decided this was something worth trying out.  

You will have to check out this podcast on Spotify now.

#2 Joe Rogan Podcast with Mikhaila Peterson

You’re probably going to get sucked into a fair amount of YouTube videos, but I think this one pairs well with the Shawn Baker interview.

Mikhaila had a hellish early life with major autoimmune issues, premature arthritis, hip replacement, ankle surgery, psych meds, pain meds, and a host of other issues.

Her story is unbelievable, but after all the doctors and specialists, it was the Carnivore Diet that brought her recovery to the next level. Truly an amazing story and perspective.

Same thing with this podcast, as it can now be found over at Spotify.

#3 Follow Dr. Shawn Baker on Instagram, shawnbaker1967

Dr. Shawn Baker is carrying the Carnivore Diet torch and doing one hell of a job. His Instagram feed is extremely motivational as he posts success stories of other practitioners as well as his own.

He also posts medical studies that show the benefits of the carnivore diet and also dispels the myths. Not to mention he is very good at refuting the haters and vegan propagandists out there.

He posts a few times per day, which helps keep you glued to his feed.

Shawn Baker Wild Lumens

#4 Join World Carnivore Tribe on Facebook

The World Carnivore Tribe is a very active and informative Facebook Group with positive people. There are plenty of success stories, and experienced dieters are eager to answer any questions.

Due to the large number of members, the activity rate is high, and you will have new stories or discoveries to read daily.

Wild Lumens World Carnivore Group

#5 Explore the MeatRX Website

The MeatRX website is an extremely thorough and well-organized resource for Carnivore practitioners’ experiences. The before and after stories are phenomenal and inspiring.

The website is organized in a topic format ranging from Addiction, Autoimmune, Crohn’s Disease, Mental Health, Sex, to Weight Loss.

Just click on the topic you relate to, and it will bring up a story and remedy for that ailment. It’s an amazing resource worth checking out.

By the way, Dr. Shawn Baker is the CEO and helps run the website. There are also plenty of very affordable MeatRX-approved carnivore diet coaches.

Plus, I’m one of their coaches, and you can book me here.

Wild Lumens Meat Heals

#6 Listen to the Human Performance Outliers Podcast

This is a badass podcast hosted by Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter. They talk about their own progress within the health and wellness zone as well as interview top athletes, doctors, professors, and influencers that straddle the outlier realm.

The optimal human performance topic usually super cedes the topics. Recent guests include Mark Sisson, Chris Donahue, Vanessa Spina, and Dr. Jason Fung, to name a few.

I highly recommend Dr. Jason Fung’s episode as it relates to organ function while on the carnivore diet and dispels many myths regarding protein intake, etc. Good times!

#7 Follow Dr. Paul Saladino

Dr. Paul Saladino, author of “The Carnivore Code,” is an amazing carnivore diet advocate. This guy had major health problems throughout his med schooling, but as soon as he started eating an all-meat diet, his issues were almost completely resolved.

When that happened, he dedicated his practice to helping others and diving deep into the science behind the carnivore diet.

He has an amazing and informative YouTube channel and is always on someone’s podcast.

#8 Keep A Food Journal

This one sounds weird, but keeping a food journal of not just what you eat but also what you are feeling.

During your first few weeks on the carnivore diet, you are going to get cravings and lose your motivation.

Sometimes the carnivore flu comes up, and this article may help you understand what’s going on.

By having a journal that you commit to, you will see that just by the act of writing down what you are eating as well as the symptoms you maybe be experiencing, you keep your mind engaged and start to see the progress add up from the stacks of paragraphs you’re creating.

Plus, when you see your journal, it’s a reminder to stay strong.

Wild Lumens Journal

#9 Donate or Giveaway Your Non-Carnivore Food

This is part motivation and part removal of all temptation. By removing any non-carnivore foods from your refrigerator or pantry, you will reduce the temptation of eating unqualified foods.

Trust me on this one because on the days you are tired and are just getting home from work, your mind is going to say, “Just a bite of that cookie or bread won’t hurt.”

You have to silence that monkey on your shoulder and not provide it with any visual stimulation.

Sometimes we need to resort to more extreme measures, and I think this one just may help out. Get rid of the fruits, veggies, and alcohol.

Wild Lumens Regrigerator

#10 Visit Diagnosis Diet

Diagnosis Diet is an amazing website with well-researched articles written by Dr. Georgia Ede.

She has compiled a strong list of well-researched ideas, all pertaining to the idea of removing fruits and vegetables from the human diet in order to heal oneself.

She also does a great job of rebutting the myths surrounding a vegan and vegetarian diet. Plus, she hammers on why nutrition science is flawed and biased.

I especially recommend her article on why epidemiology is faulty when it comes to diets.

#11 Bonus Wild Lumens YouTube Channel

That’s right! We have a YouTube channel too. I’ve been working hard to produce some fun and exciting videos that are geared toward the carnivore diet.

Some of the videos are perfect if you are trying to make the carnivore diet more interesting. That’s right; I created a carnivore diet cooking show on the channel as well.

Go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel! This video is all about mixing organ meat into your burger meat.

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All of the items on this list kept me motivated and engaged throughout my first 12 weeks on the carnivore diet.

If you are new to the diet, I would recommend also reading our post titled Carnivore Diet 101: A Meaty Resource, as this has a detailed list of benefits as well as some of the scientific studies that back it up.

As always, good luck!

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