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How To Get Started on a Carnivore Diet

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  • 16 Perfect Snacks for People on a Carnivore Diet & Meat Lovers

    16 Perfect Snacks for People on a Carnivore Diet & Meat Lovers

    We all get that craving for a snack and if you are trying the carnivore diet then you know not all snacks are carnivore approved. Here we have sourced our favorite carnivore diet-approved snacks! What’s the carnivore diet? In the most simplest terms it’s the “ultimate elimination diet.” We eliminate plant foods, processed foods, seed […]

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  • Can You Drink Alcohol On The Carnivore Diet? (Why and Why not?)

    Can You Drink Alcohol On The Carnivore Diet? (Why and Why not?)

    The carnivore diet has a very simple meal plan to follow which is meat, a little salt, and good old fashioned water. Pretty easy right? But what if you want to add a little alcohol to the equation. Is that okay? The quick answer is no. Alcohol is a nasty substance with very little nutritional […]

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  • 8 Fastpacking Camping Tips

    8 Fastpacking Camping Tips

    Fastpacking is terrific fun and lets you explore much greater distances than you would from traditional backpacking. One of the hardest things to get right when backpacking is the camping aspect, which is ten times harder when fastpacking.  This is because you have to go as ultralight as possible, and you may be in more […]

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  • The 9 Rules of Fastpacking

    The 9 Rules of Fastpacking

    Fastpacking is an excellent option to think about for all nature and fitness lovers. Fastpacking allows you to explore more of your route in a shorter amount of time, but it also gives you a chance to sleep beneath the stars and camp for a few nights.  Regardless if you are a new or experienced […]

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  • How Much Does Fastpacking Cost? Gear Breakdown & List

    How Much Does Fastpacking Cost? Gear Breakdown & List

    Costs might add up during a fastpacking trip. Camping gear, including sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents, are essential for a safe and enjoyable fastpacking adventure. Equipment for fastpacking is similar to that for traditional backpacking, with the caveat that it must be as lightweight as possible. As one might guess, this means costlier gear. Below […]

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  • 9 Healthy Fastpacking Snacks & Ideas

    9 Healthy Fastpacking Snacks & Ideas

    Whether you’re a long-distance hiker or a weekend backpacker looking to cut down on the weight you’re carrying, you don’t have to stick to energy gels and protein bars to go ultralight, and the same goes for Fastpacking.  Naturally, on many lightweight fastpacking, you can pack food for convenience. Still, with some thinking and preparation, […]

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  • 6 Best Water Purifiers for Fastpacking

    6 Best Water Purifiers for Fastpacking

    Having a way to have access to natural drinking water is vital for backpackers. It allows you to drink from streams, rivers, and lakes while on multi-day hikes.  It is even more critical for fastpackers. Fastpackers might be out just as long, but they need to travel lighter, so they will likely carry less water.  […]

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  • Fastpacking & Supplements | What Helps?

    Fastpacking & Supplements | What Helps?

    As a rule of thumb, I believe you should get all your nutrition from whole-natural foods like animal protein, fruit, and a few vegetables. However, even at home, a little supplementation is required; for example, I class good quality salt like Redmond Real Salt as a supplement. On a Fastpacking adventure, my views change a […]

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