21 Essential Carnivore Diet Products You Need On Your Shopping List

Meat Tote Bag

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21 Essential Carnivore Products

The carnivore diet is as simple as it gets. It’s basically meat, water, and salt but I want to share some of the essential items you may need to add to your shopping list whether you are just starting out or a veteran.

Hopefully this post will help minimize the amount of time you spend shopping as some products can be ordered from Amazon, some from farms that practice earth-friendly regenerative farming and some from your corner store.

There are more than 21 products out there but the ones I suggest below are what I found to be the more essential, useful, and recommended.

I do want to say that on some of these suggestions we will earn a small commission but these are products we use and recommend, (if it is a product I haven’t used I will let you know in the description).

Also thank you if you do decide to use the links as it helps us keep the website afloat.


I think easily the first thing I believe is essential is knowledge and this recommendation is perfect if you are brand new. Carnivore Diet proponent Dr. Shawn Baker wrote a book called “The Carnivore Diet” and it provides a very thorough look at what this diet is all about. Here is the link to buy from Amazon.


This one is kind of the no-brainer and most obvious. I strongly recommend going to your local butcher and asking if they work with farms that practice regenerative farming and grass-fed beef. If they do support those farms!

We have bought plenty of meat from Belcampo which is both a restaurant and a butcher shop. They practice regenerative farming here in California and all of the meat is grass-fed. (Plus they have a meat camp where you go to their farm and learn about their farming practices and how to cook. My brother went and had a blast!)

Now if you are wanting to save time and prefer to order your meat online then US Wellness may be the way to go. They offer a tremendous amount of variety on cuts, organs, and anything meat-related. According to US Wellness their meat is grass-fed, grass-finished, and sustainably raised. They have great stuff!


This is a big one as I go through a ton of it. There are plenty of different salt brands out there, stuff from Himalayan Pink Salt to Celtic Sea Salt. My go-to and favorite is “Redmond Real Salt”, it’s ancient, it’s fine and it’s sea salt! Plus you can use the coupon “Wild” at checkout to get a 15% discount.

It’s also amazing because it doesn’t come from the ocean which means it won’t have potentially toxic microplastics attached. This salt comes from an ancient sea bed in Utah.

Because my family goes through it so quickly we ponied up and bought the 10 pound bucket! It will save money over time.

Redmond Real Salt 10 Pound Bucket

If you are in Utah you can go to their headquarters and do a tour. It’s pretty cool!

And if you need some more info regarding salt and how it can apply to the carnivore diet then check out this post, “Do You Need More Salt On the Carnivore Diet.”

Storage Containers

If you decide to try the carnivore diet chances are you are going to want to meal prep like crazy and eat out a lot less. I wrote a whole post on how I meal prep when I am carnivore dieting.

There are few time-saving hacks that you can read about here, “How to Meal Prep For the Carnivore Diet.”

Glass and Plastic Containers

With meal prep comes containers. When picking food storage containers I try to stick with the glass as it’s seems to be healthier and less toxic, I hear that BPA stuff can disrupt the hormones. However I do use a plastic container for my lunch meal as it’s more durable as I’m prone to dropping things.

Here is the basic set up for my home food storage. We got ours on Amazon at a reasonable price. There are better ones out there but I found these to be affordable.

Hamburger Press

I love hamburgers and eat them almost every day and a hamburger press had been on my radar. The cool thing is I got one for Christmas a few years ago and it has been one of the biggest game-changers for me.

It’s a next level time saver.

When I use this hamburger press I can bang out a few pounds of ground meat in a few minutes and it keeps the burgers all the same size and thickness which is a lot easier for when you are cooking them. The one I use is adjustable so you can change the thickness. Super easy to use.

It costs money up front but you make your money back in time saved!

Here is my glorious hamburger press!

Hamburger Press

You can use this link to buy this bad boy.

Bacon Press

Another carnivore meat-eating hack is the Bacon Press. A bacon press is a sophisticated piece of iron that helps keep your bacon evenly cooked.

The cast iron seems to be the healthiest type you can buy so that you are not using some cheap piece of metal that leaches toxins in your food. This is a decent one from Amazon that weighs 3 pounds.

If you want to make your bacon less tangly then I highly suggest this. It can also be seasoned like other cast iron cookware so that the bacon sticks less. Same principle.

Grease Splatter Screen

When I first started on the carnivore diet I was making such a mess in my kitchen with all of the grease splatters from cooking bacon and other frying pan style meats.

Then someone suggested a grease splatter guard, which I had no idea these even existed.

Ever since I got one of these my clean up has been so much easier and the kitchen is a lot less greasy and nasty! Plus the oven dials are a lot less slippery and you are less likely to get grease splatter burns on your skin.

They come in different sizes according to the frying pan size you cook with but I just bought the large one and use it for all my frying pans.


Cookware is such a big topic and everybody has their own suggestions and preferences so I want to keep my suggestions more basic. I cook with three types of cookware; cast iron (less toxic), nonstick (more toxic), and Le Creuset (less toxic).

Extrema Cookware

One of the less toxic options on the market and know as a leader in fine cookware is Extrema. I don’t have to tell you, take it from them.

Extrema says, “we have created a non-toxic, natural line of pure ceramic cookware that moms can trust. As an all-natural alternative to metal and nonstick cookware, Xtrema® is endorsed by physicians, homeopathic providers, integrative medicine practitioners, and health bloggers around the world. Pure and simple— Xtrema® cookware is healthy, through and through.”

Here is a link to Extrema so you can add these fine pieces of cookware to your collection.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is pretty easy to cook with but you just need to get make sure you get it seasoned properly. This video explains it in detail. Cast iron has been one of the more affordable and less toxic cookware available.

However some people say you can get potential metal leaching if you use it for long-simmering cooking techniques.

I don’t remember the brand I use but this brand Lodge can be purchased on Amazon and I’ve heard people speak highly of it. Plus this one comes seasoned.

Porcelain Enamel

This kind of cookware is basically iron coated with a porcelain layer. From what I have read it is one of the most healthy cookware out there assuming you buy from a reputable brand.

I use a Le Creuset black interior enamel skillet which I love. They even say their interior enamel is lead-free so from what I understand it’s pretty safe for cooking. This brand ain’t cheap.

Le Creuset is some of the highest quality cookware you can buy and have a full arsenal of options from skillets, saucepans, kettles, and dutch ovens.

If budget is no issue then I would suggest this investment.


The other badass cookware is from Ceramcor. Ceramcor throws down with the quality and this is their mission statement, “Ceramcor, the makers of Xtrema All Natural Ceramic Cookware, is a family-owned and operated business. It is our mission to deliver the healthiest, most versatile cooking experience to the world.”

Non Stick

Nonstick style cookware is super suspect. It has the most chemical leaching potential from what I have read and seen. There is even a documentary on Netflix called “The Devil We Know” about the Dupont plant and how they released a chemical byproduct into the water and how it’s basically spread throughout the world and everyone has it in their body.

(Sorry tangent.)

That being said I think nonstick products are probably the least health-friendly way to go and I don’t want to suggest them. However I do have a nonstick pan that I use every once in a while and when I am traveling or living in a different country…sometimes it’s my only choice.

Other Healthier Options

Some of the other products which I have heard are decent when it comes to health are things like ceramic, carbon steel, tempered glass, and lava rock. (Lava rock is the whole other way to cook.) I don’t use these yet so I can’t really give a proper recommendation.


The crock-pot is my most beloved piece of cooking equipment. The reason I love my crock-pot is that it is so easy to use and I am able to save money by buying cheaper cuts of meat and just cooking those. Plus I can make an awesome broth.

Just set it and let it do it’s thing.

This is the exact model I use and it works just fine. It’s the 6-quart option with a stoneware container that washes easily. You can use this link to purchase through Amazon.

Air Fryer

An air fryer is next on my list for cooking necessities. I’ve only had chicken cooked in an air fryer and it was tasty. I hear steaks are good too.

Soon I will have an air fryer in my possession but until I do I am going to have to use Amazon’s editorial suggestions on which ones are good to go with.

Simplemost on Amazon suggests the best overall air fryer is the one made by Phillips called the Philips Turbostar Technology Air Fryer. It’s a little more pricey but perhaps the quality is better. Here is an Amazon review saying, “I have never fallen so in love with a kitchen appliance.”

The one for the best value that they recommend is the Ninja Air Fryer, 1500 Watt Programmable Base. It comes with dishwasher safe parts and easy to clean basket. However there are some unfavorable reviews complaining about a toxic plastic smell when in use. Definitely do some more investigating on this one.

One to also consider is the Cosori Air Fryer 1700 Watt version. This one may be the most purchased air fryer on Amazon because at the time of writing this post there were over 6,000 reviews. 83% of the reviews are 5 stars too. Here is the link and picture.

Pre-made Bone Broth

To me bone broth is essential when it comes to the carnivore diet or any type of diet for that matter.

The nutritional benefits are tremendous! For instance bone broth is packed with electrolytes and co-factors like glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin acid which is apparently good for metabolic function. Plus it has copious amounts of collagen and gelatin which is great for skin and cartilage. Maybe it makes you look younger over time!

However there are days when you run out or you are just a little bit on the lazy side and don’t feel like making it. So now what? Well you can buy pre-made bone broth to hold you over.

I keep a reserve of bone broth from the following brands. I don’t really have an allegiance or recommend one from the other as they all seem to do the trick but I always go with the grass-fed companies like these guys.

Epic is a good company and make a lot of grass fed friendly products.

Kettle and Fire is another company that uses grass fed beef for their product.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is soooo tasty! It’s a superfood of nutrition as well very similar to bone broth.

Bone marrow has a ton of collagen which is great for your skin and joints. It’s also possible that bone marrow can help with inflammation as it contains conjugated linoleic acid which according to a few studies can help.

It’s probably best to consume bone marrow from cooking it on your own but when you are out of bones and want to supplement there is a company called Ancestral Supplements that provides bone marrow extract in a pill form. Kinda crazy right? The cool thing is that they use grass-fed cows from New Zealand.

Organ Meats

Some people say nose to tail is the way to go if you try a carnivore diet and that basically means eating the whole animal which includes organs. Me personally I try to add liver to my meals every few weeks when I’m on a carnivore diet or swallow a bunch of desiccated liver pills or swallow a bunch of desiccated liver pills .

However one of the cooler organ products I have found is from US Wellness Meats. They have organ style sausages like Beef Liverwurst and Beef Braunschweiger.

US Wellness also has a ground beef mixed with liver, heart and kidney and a 25% fat ratio. This stuff is not always in stock so when it is stock up!

Of course, you can buy other organ meats from them as well like liver and kidneys.


Most people say snacking is not recommended and that you should try to stick to eating 2-3 solid meals per day but I like to use snacks for when I go to places where quality meat isn’t an option or for when I am traveling. I use two types of meat snacks; jerky and biltong.


You have to be careful with jerky as sometimes there is added sugar or soy sauce style seasoning. Here are a few sugar-free options.


Biltong is similar to jerky in that it is dried and cured meat but I have heard it potentially has more protein in it. I’ve had a few different brands but it seems like I buy Kalahari the most.

If you need more snack ideas check out out in depth and comprehensive review here:

  1. 16 Perfect Snacks for a Carnivore Diet and Meat Lovers


If you are new to the carnivore diet then you may have to experience the adaptation period which is somewhat discomforting and compared to a flu. There are carnivore and keto diet proponents that advise the use of magnesium which can apparently help lesson the symptoms.

Here are two posts I wrote which can help you out if you are new to the carnivore diet.

  1. How To Get Started On a Carnivore Diet | First 28 Day Plan
  2. Carnivore Diet 101 | A Meaty Resource

I personally use magnesium every day as a supplement as it is supposed to help with sleep, muscles, and immune system support. Word of caution though. If you take too much it will work as a laxative and you will get disaster pants!

There are two brands I use, one is powder form and the other is in drops.

Natural Vitality Calm has been around forever and is great because they an unsweetened version but it tastes kind of nasty. I take a teaspoon before bed or I use it as a pre-workout as I combine both salt and the magnesium. It’s a good electrolyte combo.

The other brand I use is Sunwarrior. I like this version as well because it is in drop form and super convenient. It has a somewhat funky taste too but not too bad. You just mix it with water.

Extra Fat

One of the challenges for some people while on the carnivore diet is making sure they eat enough fat.

It sounds crazy but fat is an essential component and without it you may experience energy problems. What I do to ensure this is by adding tallow or lard when I’m cooking meat. You can always render your own tallow or lard but if you are short on time it can be bought.

Sometimes I use store-bought tallow and lard and find it just as good as when I make my own.

Here are a few options:

Epic Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Or you can buy a 5 gallon bucket from US Wellness! It’s the bulk and money-saving way to go. Of course, they also have a small pail which comes with 1.7 pounds.

I should also mention that Ancestral Supplements makes a pill form of Tallow which comes with plenty of added nutrients and vitamins.


Now depending on who you talk to or where you get your carnivore information you will get different opinions on supplements. Some people like Dr. Shawn Baker believe they are not necessary and he says he does fine without them. Other people say you might as well use them if you can.

I use them every once in a while for added protection and placebo! (I use magnesium and salt daily.)

Here are a few that people suggest if you are just starting out.

Collagen Peptides

Dr. Saladino suggests adding collagen peptides so that you are getting enough Here is a brand that uses grass-fed cows and is glysophate-residue-free.

Organ Supplements

Some people say these are good and some say they are unnecessary but in my opinion, they can’t hurt. I don’t think they should replace organ meat from your diet but maybe they are good if organ meat is not available.

Once again Ancestral Supplements seems to be the better of the group as they are using grass-fed cows and seem on top of their game. Here are a few options.

Digestion Helpers

Chances are if you are new to the carnivore diet your body might need a little help with the digestion process. Your body may not be producing enough bile and stomach acid to keep up with all of the meat.

If that is the case Dr. Shawn Baker recommends some enzymes and Betaine Hydrochloric acids. Here is what I use.

Ox Bile

This falls under the digestion helper category and can potentially help too.

Freezer Storage!

In an attempt to save money in the long run my family and I buy half beefs (1/2 cow) from local farmers. It’s a lot of meat and we need an extra freezer to store it all.

Meat Freezer

If you go this route and want to buy a full, a half, a quarter beef then this is the freezer space that you will need or at least a rule of thumb. Basically you need 1 cubic foot of space per 35 to 40 pounds of meat.

Here is a smaller freezer with 3.5 cubic feet which can potentially hold 140 pounds of meat which is in between an 1/8 beef and 1/4 beef.

Or here is a top chest freezer with 7 cubic feet which can potentially hold 280 pounds of meat.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or dietician or nutritionist. Consult with and ask your doctor about any diet or medical-related questions. No information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition.

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